Thursday, 4 March 2010

Twenty One

So here's the results of today. I wasn't going to put them up until another day, but I figured, I'll put them up now since they're something to show for my efforts. I think they look quite good. Well, much better than I thought they would. The colours are faded not out of choice or because of the photograph. My printer doesn't do bright you see. Anyhow. Ta daa?


I would like to die now. Seriously. This is so annoying now. I've done a ton of work today... Urgh. Tired. And so much printing, I'm surprised my poor little terrible printer hasn't died. Anyway. Also my scalpel is now blunt. Bad times. Anyhow. Final roughs printed. I think it's ok now. Did a lot of re-jigging since the last post so hopefully, all needed now is just final prints!


No lines Bungay...


A more detailed plan. I couldn't work out how to make the text boxes have a borders. Never mind...! >< The back and spine of the cover are to have no writing. I've done this because sometimes, you see a book, you like the front and you're intrigued to know more because you're given nothing more on the cover alone...
I hope it looks ok...!!!


So this is my basic book sleeve. I'm going to use the blurb from the brief so that should be fairly simple. If anyone knows an easier way to do this, please feel free to tell me!!! Or anywhere there's a better template or something... Thanks!


One of my tidier ones.
I wish I knew photoshop better. OH well. Practice helps I suppose.
On the other hand, I have now cleaned all three. Just need to get my basic cover mapped out, and I can started putting together ^^ Whoopee!


SO I think I'm going to use these images now. They should look quite good on totally white background. Once I've got my basis for the cover down, I'll put it up here, then put them all together. ^^

Don't worry, I'll neaten them up ^^;

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


I'm going forwards! I'm going backwards? Huh. Still at least it's somewhere. Will post things later. Basically I'm going back to use the working drawings because they're much more interesting. I think I'll put them onto a blank background, it should be fairly ok I think. It might even work as something to catch your eye on a bookshelf....!?
Pictures to come!

Monday, 1 March 2010


I should have started thinking about text earlier. But I didn't. I think I will hand write. Which should work out ok, since the drawings and the background should be quite.. Onviously hand drawn, so I think it's should blend in well. Fitting. Anyhow, also because I am shit at Photoshop.
I tried putting the ship onto the right background. It took ages. And looked terrible. The colour was so flat. I'll explain my plan for the real thing another times. Anyhow, I know it's not a great photograph, but this is what I'm thinking for the text.


I'm not sure how much of the book cover we're really supposed to be designing, so to be safe I'm thinking a bit about how they really would end up all over. I also figured I ought to know the dimensions of an average hardback book. I chose to use "Shenzhen - A Travelogue from China" by one of my most beloved comic illustrators Guy Delisle, he's wonderful.

Anyhow. Here's my big one, as the book cover. And then I made some little.. Maquettes I suppose. Miniature covers. How I'd like them to sort of look, they're half size... I think it's almost good. Not quite, but we'll see how it goes.