Monday, 8 February 2010


The books we must choose from are: The History of Mr Polly, Kipps, Ann Veronica, Tono Bungay and Love and Mr Lewisham. I so far haven't picked out a specific three. But if I do the plan of linking in the earlier post won't work... Problem.
So I've been looking at all five and working out what possible things could work as an image to contain the story as a whole for each book. I think this will help me if I HAVE to choose 3 and no more. But the competition brief say you must choose AT LEAST three. SO we'll see...

So those are some images for Kipps, who trains as a draper before coming into a lot of money and being thrown into the company of the upper class society, and having to learn what's proper and the right etiquette and such alike.

The next is for The History of Mr Polly. I used the image of books because the reason he loses his job and everything changes at the beginning of the book is because he reads too much, easily distracted I suppose. I also thought about the image of a bike, as his true love uses on regularly. The tea cup represents the tea shop his wife owns later on in the book.
I quite like the silhouette idea...
I'll post some more tomorrow ^^

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