Monday, 22 February 2010


I'm now thinking more about the rest of the book sleeve. That's what I want, not just a plain hardcover book cover, but the sleeve you can take on and off. I'd like to keep the back page blank, as I quite like it when books are like that, and have all the information on the inside tab bits.


So these are my final-ish designs for each front cover. From left: (oops, seem to have misplaced my file. Can't find it!) Love and Mr Lewisham, The History of Mr Polly and Tono-Bungay.

Thursday, 18 February 2010


That was yesterdays work. This is todays. I've been trying to think about context and also, it was pointed out that the ships seemed a little too modern looking. So I checked out some WW1 ships as best I could. Here are some sketches and ideas and things.


I've been thinking about how to arrange the items on the cover now. How to use the colour and stuff. I'm worried though. It all seems a bit sinister looking D:

Monday, 15 February 2010


I think I'm in a bit of a rut.. I was today thinking aout how the shapes of the objects really work, how they fit together. I was also thinking about the ACTUAL shape of ships.

Thursday, 11 February 2010


Today I was thinking about how to get red into the picture. Since I think it works well as a colour to draw attention, plus the tie in Love and Mr Lewisham is red. So. Huh. I did more, but here's a sample:

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


SO here's some work I got done today. I'm hopeful. I started out doing the contruction lines just because I liked the look of them, but having looked it up, I now find that Cubism was a movement not only during the lifetime of H G Wells, but therefore also in the Edwardian Era. And I think the contruction lines, the hardness of some of them and the colour pattern on the tie make the images look a little cubist. Tomorrow I'm hoping to refine them a bit more.. I need to start thinking about how the front cover design of the books will go together.

Hmm. I'm not sure about the tie.. I like the books best.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Here's some work I did today. Not as much as I should have done, I'll admit. But still. This is better than nothing. I quite like the three colours together. Red, Black and White.
The Black needs to be more solid with the block of books.. It's a bit weak.
I like this one, but I feel like the image itself isn't eye catching. Which it needs to be if it's going to sell.

I like the tie image but I'm not sure it's right. I'll play with some more designs tomorrow. It's red to symbolise socialism. And the ship.. I quite like. Although it looks rather sinister on the red behind... So. Yeeeaahhh.... Loads work to do.

Remember to click the images for bigger ones


So, here's the pages I didn't put up yesterday for the other books.
I think it's best if I try and stick to doing three for now. Love and Mr Lewisham, Tono Bungay and The History of Mr Polly.
I did some more sketches and ideas this morning.. I'll do them later ^^

Ann Veronica

Love and Mr Lewisham

Tono Bungay

Ideas to do with arrangement. I thought it might look cool, if the image overlaps onto the area of text...? We'll see.

Monday, 8 February 2010


The books we must choose from are: The History of Mr Polly, Kipps, Ann Veronica, Tono Bungay and Love and Mr Lewisham. I so far haven't picked out a specific three. But if I do the plan of linking in the earlier post won't work... Problem.
So I've been looking at all five and working out what possible things could work as an image to contain the story as a whole for each book. I think this will help me if I HAVE to choose 3 and no more. But the competition brief say you must choose AT LEAST three. SO we'll see...

So those are some images for Kipps, who trains as a draper before coming into a lot of money and being thrown into the company of the upper class society, and having to learn what's proper and the right etiquette and such alike.

The next is for The History of Mr Polly. I used the image of books because the reason he loses his job and everything changes at the beginning of the book is because he reads too much, easily distracted I suppose. I also thought about the image of a bike, as his true love uses on regularly. The tea cup represents the tea shop his wife owns later on in the book.
I quite like the silhouette idea...
I'll post some more tomorrow ^^


Hello, hello.
First post in my new blog, absolutely and totally dedicated to my current project on HG Wells. I guess I'll start by putting up a book cover that I really like, and want to use as inspiration of a sort for my own designs. It's a series of Stephen King books published by Hodder and Stoughton, with the cover design by a chap named Keenan. These books have really really bright backgrounds with one image that represents the entire book.

I apologise for the not great quality of colour...!
These next two images are a couple of ideas I had about linking the books together, to make an appeal as a seriously cool collection of books. Unfortunately I'm not sure it's going to work.. But we'll see. I prefer the first, the Mr Men image is where I got the idea from.